It is something that is ingrained into our DNA as human beings. It is the biggest driving factor for our actions and all other creatures for that matter. Fear. The emotion is generated in the oldest most primal part of our brain that makes us choose between fight or flight.  Unlike animals though we have […]

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Arlington National Cemetary

Surrounded by the Capitol that make its very existence necessary, sits the most sacred landmark if this country. There is no monument or museum that can compare to the resting place of so many of our nations warriors. White tombstones dot the rolling hills that silently look over Washington DC  like the first hour of snow on […]

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Lost But Never Forgotten

August 12, 2006, nine years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I always had a sense of immortality and invincibility and until that day nothing could have proved me wrong. The naïveté of a 20-year-old child on his first deployment.  We had been at it for months, and no matter what was thrown at us, we came […]

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Advice on Deployment

So I keep in contact with as many Soldiers that I have served with as I can. The following is my half of a text conversation on preparing for a deployment. I always find myself a little long-winded and preachy when I give advice like this but it made enough of an impression for this […]

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