About Finding Valhalla

This blog is about my life experiences and how I am evolving transitioning from soldier to civilian. I am writing it because seeing it on the screen helps me see it clearly as if I am outside looking in at someone else. I won’t pretend I am original in my ideas because I am sure smarter men then me have already figured all this out.  I will also not entertain any comments or criticism about the politics of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thats not what this is about. If I offer my experiences as its relevant to whats going on in my life but I am not here to tell war stories. I am sure you can find a Vet out there who would love to tell you how “badass” he was in the wars but that isn’t me.  If you are a veteran who is having a hard time and need to talk please contact me. I have been there and if nothing else I can bullshit with the best of them.

Mike Binns



7 thoughts on “About Finding Valhalla

  1. Hello,

    I found you from a re-post from anotherwarriorpoet. I love what you have to say and I want to thank you for your service. I wish you all the best and with your permission, I would like to become a follower.

    rob akers


  2. Love it Mike! I shared your blog with a couple friends of mind and I would have to say it was a real kick in the pants. I am proud to have served with you. If you need anything or just some to talk to to you can always drop a line. Paint chips!!!


  3. Well you say smarter men have already thought of it. I can tell it means much coming from a fellow warrior then some fuckhead with a bunch of PHDs.


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