To whom it may concern,

   I saw your recent decision to inact an “Expert Action Badge” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. Just a couple of years after the “Combat Action Badge”. You dissapoint me.

   I guess you have fallen victim to the idea that everyone deserves a participation trophy. Everyone should be recognized for whatever role they play in the realm of warfare right?. All soldiers are needed equally to complete the mission right? I’d sure as hell like to see that possible without the infantry.

   We are the generations of men who have volunteered to be where the rubber meets the road in the defense of this great nation. Those who have given more in blood, tears, and ultimately lives, than any other military occupation.

   The fact is, no war has been won without boots on the ground. It’s only done so by the men who would willingly sacrifice thier humanity and/or lives fighting face to face with the enemy. Willingly being locked in combat with no hope of ever being the same, no matter the outcome. Six feet over or under right?

   I know, I should turn the other cheek but I can’t. I can’t forget the faces of those who fought and died who wore infantry blue. Thier tombstones laden with the now meaningless decorations of the grunt. Those men who chose a life of hardship, struggle, and pain who are being marginalized to appease the feelings of those who chose an easier way to serve.

   I hope it’s worth it. You may disrespect us, but when the time comes….you will go to the real “experts” to save your skin.

An Infantryman

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  1. Hadn’t even heard of this Expert Action Badge. Ugh. I’m starting to become one of those ole’ timers who bitch about all the new medals and badges… lol

    Hope you’re doing well, brother, and great to see you getting some blogging in.


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